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NOA approval (#15-0316.09)

Florida Building Code approval (#15208)

Do It Yourself Kits

Our ready to install do it yourself Kit is CNC precision cut to fit your home exactly. We have taken the guess work out of installation, and will even assist you with the installation of your first fabric panel as part of our premium DIY Package. 

Professional Installation by factory trained technicians 

Our experienced professionals can completely fit a house with Astroguard Hurricane Fabric in a single day. We will ensure there are no missed cuts, clips, anchors and every piece of hardware is installed correctly for your home's protection

Get Compliant

Florida State Law requires Insurance discounts for hurricane protection.

Ensure your mitigation inspections pass by covering your unprotected openings with N.O.A. & F.B.C. approved Astroguard



NOA approval (#15-0316.09)

Florida Building Code approval (#15208)

AstroGuard is the revolutionary hurricane fabric that combines effectiveness with affordability and ease of use. Patented resin coated, high strength nylon hybrid fibers are woven into a highly durable incredibly strong fabric that defends your home against wind, water, and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane level.

AstroGuard is fully recognized and accepted by major insurance companies. Some customers have seen rate reductions up to 40% on their policies by installing AstroGuard.


The storm is coming ready or not

Hurricane Fabric Outperforms

In the rigorous testing required to gain NOA approval (#15-0316.09) and Florida Building Code approval (#15208) Astroguard Hurricane Fabric exceeded the requirements for Category 5 hurricane. Meeting and exceeding the requirements for approved use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones by the State of Florida, which includes all Miami/Dade counties.

55% stronger than most other hurricane fabrics (at half the cost, as well) having burst strength of well over 1,500 lbs., Hurricane Fabric easily outranks metal panels, Roll-downs, accordions, and other traditional hurricane systems, in performance, value, and longevity.

The flexible nature of Hurricane Fabric means it's much more durable and will withstand impact after impact. When compared to the more expensive metal panels, accordions, or roll-downs, which once impacted generally need to be replaced, your hurricane fabric shutters will last and last.


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